Need to book an East Midlands to Larnaca airfare?

Larnaca offers a friendly welcome, beautiful beaches and sizzling sun, and there are plenty of options for flying there. The Midlands area in particular is lucky to have numerous airlines flying to the sun-drenched tourist mecca in Cyprus. Here's a look at some of the best East Midlands to Larnaca airfare deals currently on offer.

Thomas Cook operate seasonal charter flights from East Midlands airport to the Cyprus holiday destination in the summer months. With departures on Sundays and return flights on Mondays, this gives you a flexible schedule for choosing when to visit. Flights start from as little as £310 per person including all fees and taxes for flights in the peak season of August. Thomas Cook Flights take around 5 hours in each direction.

The other airline to fly between EMA and Larnaca is Thomson Airlines, who also operate seasonal charter trips in the summer. All flights both depart and return on Sundays, perfect for a 7 day trip to Cyprus. Flights in August start from around £271 per person based on two travelling, making this an even cheaper flight deal.

Finally, if you can depart from nearby Birmingham Airport, then Monarch airlines operate a scheduled timetable to Larnaca. This is a superb option for year-round travelling to Cyprus, and with three departures throughout the week, you don't have to fit your schedule around the airline. Monarch offer cheap flight deals from as little as £213 per person for trips in October. Even flights in August can go for as little as £246 per person, making this the cheapest option possible.

So there are many flight deals available for those searching for East Midlands Larnaca airfare prices, you just have to shop around to find the best.

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