East is East – Mediterranean that is

When someone mentions the Mediterranean do you automatically think of destinations such as Spain, Mallorca, Italy and Portugal? What about the East Mediterranean? If you’ve always fancied visiting some of the former Eastern bloc countries such as Croatia but haven’t been sure where to start then may I recommend a cruise? Many of the cruise companies have been offering routes that take in the Croatian ports of Dubrovnik, Split and Korcula. With amazing architecture and rich historical tapestry these cities need to be seen to be believed.

The cruise itinerary also takes in ports such as Gibraltar, Almeria in Adalucia, Malaga, Venice, and then goes on to the Greek ports of Corfu and Zakinthos. There is the option to disembark at some ports and investigate the local shops and partake in lunch or dinner at a harbourside restaurant as well as stock up on some souvenirs to take back home.

The East Mediterranean is growing in popularity as a holiday destination. The coastline is stunning and varied and is a little more off the beaten track than its Western neighbour. With cruises running this route throughout the year, and plenty of sunshine all year round it makes a fantastic choice for a cruise.

Great cruises round the Eastern Med are offered by all the major cruise operators such as Thomas Cook, Ocean Village, P&O and Island Cruises. Check out their websites for offers and itineraries.

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