Ease your mind, body and conscience in Austria

High up in the hills overlooking Lake Zeller near Salzburg, you can spend the morning walking up Schmittenhöhe mountain then return in the afternoon and cool off at the family-run Jaga Alm Hotel's natural swimming pool, enjoying views of the Hohe Tauern national park.

Catch the train from London to Zell am See, stopping off in Paris and Milan and get your last consumerist fix from £256 rtn, from where you can get a transfer to the hotel.


Or if you fancy your pools a little cooler then brave some lake swimming, Austria style. Below Mount Poelven at the edge of a pine forest, Schwoich's 2,000 sq m 'banana lake' is the Tyrol's first public natural bathing pool, a lake that has been treated using plant filters to clean the water.

It has wooden jetties, a pebble beach and is surrounded by forest and mountain slopes.

Self-cater at Ferienwohnung Steinbacher, a farmhouse apartment in Schwoich, with organic eggs and milk from the farm and fresh bread from the baker.

Apartments cost €40 a night for two, KufsteinApartments, and the train from London to Kufstein costs from £274 return.

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