Easy Riding in Barcelona.

If you’re planning to be in Barcelona this weekend and have always been dazzled by Harley Davidson motorbikes, you’re in luck. ‘Harley Days’, Europe’s major urban biking event, takes place in the Catalan capital from the 8th of July until the 10th, attracting bikers, tourists and curious onlookers alike, all keen to share in ‘la gran fiesta’.

Events will be held in the Fira de Barcelona, Avenida Mª Cristina, Plaza España, and will include exhibitions, demo rides, a country party, concerts and special events for both ladies and children. Entrance is free, so go along and enjoy the show.

Barcelona is a great place for a sophisticated city break, with a trove of must-see places, a red-hot nightlife, some unforgettable bars and restaurants and great art collections. So now is the time to head for the 4th most visited city in Europe after Paris, London, and Rome.

The city is home to Europe’s largest Gothic quarter (Barri Gótic), the town’s old centre, where many buildings date back to medieval times. But what you can’t fail to miss is the town’s extraordinary ‘moderniste’ (Art Nouveau) architecture, especially the flamboyant work of architect Antoni Gaudí such as the massive Sagrada Família, Park Güell and Palau Güell, all World Heritage Sites.

With a severe recession lingering in Spain there are some good hotel deals to be had, and Easy Jet flies to Barcelona with Ryanair flying to Barcelona/Girona. Harley Davidson owners of course, will be biking it down there!

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