Our guide to getting Dublin to New Zealand cheapest flights

Thinking of finally biting the bullet and visiting New Zealand? This magical country, home of the Lord of the Rings movies and the All Blacks Rugby team, is a picturesque wonder that everyone should see at least once. Despite the fact it's on the other side of the world, getting Dublin to New Zealand cheapest flights is simpler than you'd think! Lets have a look.

There are obviously no direct flights between the two countries as you'd be hard pressed to find two points on earth further away from each other, but you still havep lenty of choice for flying to New Zealand. The presence of hubs like Heathrow, Amsterdam and Frankfurt within easy distance of Dublin presents plenty of choice.

Rather than checking each individual airline yourself, lets avoid trawling by checking out the bargains on offer on Sky Scanner, which you can find online at www.skyscanner.net/. Sky Scanner checks out all of the possible permutations and connections for flights to New Zealand, to pick you out one for the cheapest possible price.

To give an example of the type of deals you can expect, Etihad currently present the cheapest option on the site. They are offering one way to Auckland, connecting in Abu Dhabi and Sydney for 650 Euro, which is an absolute bargain considering the distances involved. Flying through Los Angeles in the United States offered similar prices for a one way ticket. So don't pay over the odds on your flights to New Zealand!

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