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Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. Shahjalal International Airport (formerly known as Zia International Airport) is located in the capital and is the largest airport in Bangladesh. If you are planning to visit Bangladesh from Ireland, read on to discover the Dublin to Dhaka cheapest flight.

The distance from Dublin to Dhaka is 8,335 km and the average flight time is approximately 14 hours. The most popular airline flying from Dublin to Dhaka is Etihad Airlines. Etihad will fly you return to Dhaka for €924 and the flight time is 13hr 50 min.

The cheapest return flight from Dublin to Dhaka is with Aer Lingus outbound and Gulf Air inbound. The flight costs €751 but the flight time is 5 to 6 hours more in both directions, as several connection have to be made.

Other airlines offering cheap flights from Dublin to Dhaka include, Emirates at €890, Qatar at €940 and Jet Airways at €1,092. All the prices quoted are for a two week return flight and will change subject to availability and lenght of stay.

You can find cheap flights from Dublin to Dhaka with skyscanner.ie. They provide a free search service where you can compare flights from all the major airlines and travel agents. You can also view statistics on flights from Dublin to Dhaka including the average flight times of carriers.

Flight search sites such as Kayak, ebookers, Farecompare and Orbitz are ideal places to book cheap flights. They search thousands of sites to find the best rate for your flight. Fares can change and sell out at any time, so if you are after the Dublin to Dhaka cheapest flight, book now.

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