How to Find Cheap Dublin to Crete Flights

Dublin to Crete flights

There are now many people looking for Dublin to Crete flights. The good news is that many companies are willing to offer reasonable deals as long as you follow a few tips. The first step is to book early. The best way to be assured of affordable Dublin to Crete flights is by booking months in advance.

Nine weeks before the planned date is often the best time to look because this is when air companies want their seats filled. After this date, more people start looking so the companies are able to raise their prices.

However, if you want a last minute break, consider looking two weeks beforehand. You will need to shop around and take some time but there are high chances that companies have a few seats left over – it is better for them for all seats to be taken up so they offer them at a lower cost to entice people.

Also, take some time to think about the type of baggage that you are putting on. If you are going for a week’s holiday, there are chances that you can get away with a carry-on bag. This will cut down the time it takes to check-in and will often cut down the cost – many airlines are now charging for luggage.

Pay by debit card where you can because there are charges for credit cards. Always check the fine print on the websites or ask for details about the costs.

There are a number of websites offering great deals on Dublin to Crete flights. One of the best options that you have, though, is Travelsupermarket.com. This site is willing to search all the different providers based on the information that you give about your trip. The site will come up with the best flight deals and hotels in the area.

If you are willing to not take a direct flight, it is possible to gain a flight for as little as €298.09, which is around £257.10 per person. The flight departs on the 18th May 2011 and returns on the 25th May 2011.

If you are looking at last minute holidays then consider Lastminute.com. This is another site that will search the different providers but it is committed to offer last minute deals. You will also find that there are some excellent package deals for both flights and hotels, or you will be able to find great city breaks.

For those looking for great late deals traveling around the 21st September 2011, there is a flight on that day and returns on the 27th September 2011. You will travel for as little as £433.49 per person.

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