Get away to Dublin for 2 Nights Bed and Breakfast

Dublin bed and breakfast

A weekend in Ireland can offer you and yours so much entertainment and culture that you will be totally relaxed when you return back to the UK. We have rounded up the best websites to book 2 nights in Dublin for bed and breakfast.

Basing yourself in Dublin means that you save money on travel costs and it places you in the heart of one of the oldest cities in Europe. There are plenty of day trips to choose from such as Newgrange, the Boyne Valley, the National Stud and Powerscourt Waterfall. On top of these you have a range of traditional Irish music and dance to sample by night in Dublin City.

Visit www.booking.com/ for some great deals on Dublin bed and breakfast hotels. You can carry out a thorough search of over 250 hotels in Dublin and choose the perfect hotel for you and your partner. Search options include searching by recommendation, by price and by location so you are sure to find suitable accomodation.

If you would rather stay in a family guesthouse then visit www.venere.com/. They have a choice between some of the finest guesthouses in the city and with great value prices. Each guesthouse has a comprehensive review which can give you a feel for what it offers. Prices start at just €30 per night and there are guesthouses to suit every price range.

Enjoy your weekend in the Emerald Isle and return back home refreshed and ready for work Monday morning.

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