A weekend break in Dublin hunting antiques

Dublin antiques

There are not many places in the world can claim as much history as Dublin. The centre of Dublin has been home to over 1000 years of human settlement. The city held its millennium celebrations in 1988 and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

As with any city with a rich history, Dublin has more than its fair share of antiques and of course the markets and antique dealers that have sprung up around the scene.

More and more people are choosing to make a weekend in Dublin, indulging their fancy with a visit to an auction or a specialist car-boot sale.

A large number of Dublin Antiques dealers are located around the Francis street area in Dublin 8. This group of dealers will be happy to help you with your search and can offer expert local knowledge. The area is very central and close to a number excellent city centre hotels like The Hilton or the Clarence.

Some of the best known stores on Francis street also have their own websites. Patrick-howard-antiques.com have a long trusted history of dealing antiques like large furniture pieces. Osullivanantiques.com are famous for their jewellery and paintings while Fennelly.net is home to amazing gold and silver bargains.

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Getting to Dublin is easy, it is host to an international airport and a number of ferry connections which might make bringing your treasure home a painless experience.

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Enjoy you antiquing trip and remember, caveat emptor!

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