What You Need to Know about Dublin Airport Car Parking

Dublin Airport car parking facilities provide enough space for 18,000 vehicles. Dublin Airport has two short-term parking garages, disabled parking and a long-term lot a short drive from the airport. With so many options, it's easy to find parking that suits your budget and your preferences.

Short-term Dublin Airport Car Parks

Dublin Airport features short-term and long-term parking areas. The short-term car parks are metres from terminals 1 and 2 and offers a multi-storey structure for stays of less than five hours. The short-term car park is best for those picking up or dropping off passengers.

Terminal 1's car park A does have a 1.85 metre height restriction making it difficult for those in vans to enter the garage. The parking garage B in front of Terminal 2 has a height restriction of 2.2 metres. Rates in 2011 start at €3 for the first hour and increase by €4.50 for each extra hour. The daily rate in these garages is €45.

There are 90 spaces available for disabled travellers in the short-term car parks. Disabled travellers pay €9.50 per day for Dublin Airport parking in 2011. To receive the discounted rate, you must reserve disabled parking at least 12 hours in advance at Dublinairport.com/gns/to-from-the-airport/car-parking/blue-badge.aspx.

Executive Parking is found in the lowest level of Short-term B. Yearly executive parking permits require a yearly fee of €4000 plus VAT. Rates are based on 2011 pricing and are subject to change.

Executive travellers may prefer valet service. Valet service (Crystalclean.ie) is in Short-term A and costs €50 per day in 2011.

Long-term Dublin Airport Car Parks

The long-term car parks are 10 to 20 minutes from the main terminal. Passengers take courtesy shuttles from the parking area to the airport. It's best for travellers taking overnight flights. The airport suggests arriving a the long-term parking facilities at least 40 minutes in advance of your check-in to allow time to take the shuttle to the airport and unload baggage.

The Red Car Park is about 10 minutes from the airport. Red Car Park parking fees are €9.50 per day in 2011. The Blue Car Park is 20 minutes from the airport and costs €7.50 per day.

Save Money by Booking Online

Visit DublinAirport.com and save money on your Dublin Airport Parking. Short-term 2011 parking rates are as low as €10 per day when you book online. Long-term parking rates start at €5.50 per day when booked online.

Make sure you bring your parking ticket with you. When you leave the airport, you pay your parking fees in the pay stations within the airport terminals. Cash and credit cards are accepted as payment for charges incurred in Dublin Airport car parking facilities.

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