Dubai Tourist Restrictions

Where is the one location where you can see the world's tallest man-made structure, the world’s top 7 star luxury hotel and artificial islands in the shape of the world and a gigantic palm tree? That’s right, survey says, Dubai! Before purchasing your ticket to this premier destination and hopping on a plane, here are a few important tourist restrictions to keep in mind for when you touch down in Dubai.

    Imre Solt - Wikimedia

While having a pint out on the streets or in a public venue might seem like a normal weekend activity, this is most certainly not the case in Dubai. If you obtain a license online or from a bottle shop first, you are then allowed to drink at home or in hotels, but it is not acceptable to drink in public places under any circumstances. Also watch your tongue and avoid using any type of profanity, vulgar language or potentially offensive remarks about Islam in Dubai or else you may land yourself in a lot of hot water.

For those of you who are on prescription medication, it is vital to bring along a letter from your doctor, the prescription itself and store the medicine in the original bottle or packaging. There is a zero-tolerance policy towards possessing, using or selling illicit substances. If you are caught and charged with drug possession this could lead to prison or even the death penalty so do your best to carry the correct documentation with you.

Travelling with a loved one can be one of the best and most memorable ways to travel. If you are heading off with your partner, note that because Dubai is a Muslim country there are very conservative laws in place and any type of public display of affection is frowned upon. A display can be anything from a simple peck on the cheek to holding hands. Locals are also not accepting of those who may lead a LGBT lifestyle and see it as a crime that can lead to severe punishment so while in town do your best to refrain from advertising your affection for your partner.

When out meandering the streets and snapping away on your camera, avoid taking any photos of locals as this can come across as rude and intrusive for locals in Dubai. If you do see a beautiful shot that you want to capture, ask for their permission first and if the person obliges then click away. As in any country, it is important to be educated on what is culturally acceptable and what is not. Once up to speed and fully aware, you will be freed to enjoy a new adventure and experience!

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