Top things to do on Dubai holidays

Are you planning a holiday in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates? There's more to the city than extravagant hotels and beautiful beaches (although don't miss them while you are there!). Here we look at some of the top attractions, sights and activities for you to check out on your Dubai holidays.

Dubai Autodrome

Have you ever dreamed of being a race car driver? You can on your Dubai holidays! Head to the Dubai Autodrome, a 5.39km track where you can race from AED 439. The Dubai Autodrome instructors will take you for a drive around the racetrack in one of several different vehicles (including Audis and Subaru Impreza), then leave you to enjoy the experience on your own. Karting and cycling are also available.

Dubai Beaches

Dubai beaches are blessed with soft white sand and the warm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. The seas are shallow and perfect for swimming – there are no rip tides or nasty stingers. There’s also plenty of playgrounds, parks, kiosks, BBQ and picnic areas along the shore. The most popular Dubai beaches are:

  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Mamzar Beach
  • Jebel Ali Beach

Hatta Village

Hatta Village or Dubai Heritage Village is perched among the rocky Hatta Mountains, 115km southeast of Dubai. Its history can be traced back for nearly 3,000 years. There are around 30 traditional buildings, with one of the most prominent being the home of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Don’t miss the regular Hatta festivals which celebrate folklore, dance and handicraft.

Old Bastakiya District

Take a step back in time on your Dubai holidays as you explore the narrow alleys, traditional buildings and ornate architecture of Bastakiya. Discover the incredible wind towers – a form of old-skool air conditioning! Check out the museum, cultural centre and art gallery – then treat yourself to a tasty snack from the traditional markets.

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