Drink and be merry - quick before we all run out of money

The hippest watering holes are too cool for neon signs. And all the best boozing goes on down dark alleyways and behind closed doors, so here's a peek behind some of them.

The aptly titled French Love in Paris is tucked away behind a discreet door on a quiet road off the Champs Elysées.

A throwback to the days when the area was full of ahem 'hostess' bars the bar has retained a distinctly sexy feel, with fibre-optic stars in the ceiling, crystal chandeliers, boudoir lamps and a red London phone box that has been transformed into a smoking booth. This is a late-night hangout - don't expect things to liven up until about 3am. You'll find French Love (the pub that is!)on 37 rue de Ponthieu, 8e.

You won't find any idiot stag parties at The Blind Eye, Prague which was a speak-easy until about a year ago. But although now it's legit you still have to ring the buzzer to get in - that's the anti-stag party device in action.

This is Czech grunge at its most, um, grungiest. House rules are non-existent (apart from respecting other punters) and the house cocktail mixes vodka, gin, tequila and white rum - ouch!.

Tattoos and eye make-up are de rigueur (particularly for blokes) - anti stag party device #2, and if an evening there isn't enough, by day you can attend language classes! That's assuming you can actually speak the following day. Vlkova 26; Check out www.blindeye.cz.

Right, it's your round!

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