Find out all about Dover to Calais ferry times and schedules

Dover to Calais ferry times

The Dover to Calais ferry route is the shortest and most popular crossing across the English Channel between England and France. On any given day there can be up to 50 crossings, therefore competition for custom is fierce. If you are thinking of nipping across the water for a short break then read on for comprehensive information on Dover to Calais ferry times.

P&O Ferries are arguably the most reputable company operating passenger ferries across the English Channel. Departing from Dover, there are 22 crossing per day to Calais. The earliest ferry sets sail at 12.45am with further ferries departing approximately every hour until 11.50pm. P&O use a fleet of four ships to make this possible with a fast journey time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is important to note that foot passengers can only travel to Calais between 8.10am and 7.35pm.

For full details of ferry schedules check out www.poferries.com.

Sea France is another popular sea carrier running the Dover to Calais service on a daily basis. From Monday to Friday Sea France offer 11 different departure times between 12.45am and 9.40pm. On Saturday and Sunday the last ferry departs at 10.40pm. The journey time is 90 minutes and passengers are requested to check in no later than 30 minutes before departure.

Visit www.seafrance.com for a full list of ferry times and prices.

So, now you have an understanding of the Dover to Calais ferry times you can go ahead and start planning your next holiday or daytrip to France.

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