Getting the best price on the Dover to Calais ferry

Looking to take a spin around wine country in the comfort of your own car? Or maybe you are just mulling a trip to one of the famous French hyper markets, promising bargains galore across every spectrum of your household needs? Either way, you will be wanting to catch a bargain Dover to Calais ferry and in this blog we are going to show you the best way to go about doing it!

Anyone looking to make this ferry crossing is in for some good news. There are over 50 crossings per day on this route, and with competition so fierce, consumers can clear up if they book in advance, and take advantage of the many offers that are out there. It is perhaps the most sailed route in the world in terms of passenger traffic, so lets check out where to find the bargains.

Pardonning the nautical pun, your first port of call while searching for a bargain on the route should be a cursory glance towards P & O Ferries and their site at www.poferries.com/. P and O are perhaps the biggest company sailing between Dover and Calais, and they sail a whopping 25 times per day between the two ports. Their sailings take just 90 minutes, and their luxury ferries give you a range of options, with cabins even available if you want to chill out as you sail.

Another smaller option that we are massive fans of is the Norfolk Line. While their ships may not be as big as P and O, they do offer some outstandingly low fares, and you can check out their full range of offers from their site at www.norfolkline.com/ferry. Bon Voyage!

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