Going from Dover to Ostend by Ferry

Dover Ostend ferry

Passengers wanting to head over to the Belgian city of Ostend can easily do this from Dover. The Dover to Ostend ferry runs daily offering more than 36 routes to and from varying parts of the UK. Ferry Crossings UK has the least expensive ferry trips and instant online ferry booking confirmation.

The beautiful seaside town of Dover has been around since Roman times. For visitors who are arriving to catch a ferry, take some time to explore the area. In Dover is the famous Dover Castle, which is known as the Key to England with its more than 2,000 years of history. The grounds include a Saxon Church, Norman keep and Roman lighthouse, which is one of the oldest buildings in Britain.

In the town you will also discover the Battle of Britain Memorial, the Roman Painted House, Grand Shaft and the Bronze Age Boat. This boat, which is preserved in mud, is approximately 3,500 years old. Dover, which is a major port town, faces into the English Channel making connections to continental Europe easily accessible. It is in Dover where passengers can take a ferry to Ostend.

Ostend is a popular Dutch speaking area that draws many people for its beaches. Located in Flanders, Ostend is a well-known family destination for holidaygoers. Visitors also enjoy the city for its excellent restaurants, hotels, shops and local attractions that are suitable for the entire family. Don’t miss a chance to see the North Sea Aquarium or visit one of the numerous museums.

A ferry from Dover to Ostend can be price compared and booked online. There are several choices including Transeurope Ferries and LD Lines.

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