Cheap Dover to France Ferries

Getting to the continent does not have to be expensive if you want to take your car. The Channel Tunnel is a popular option and, while it is the quickest way to get to France, it is also the most expensive. Whether or not you are taking a car with you, travelling by ferry between Dover and Calais is usually the cheapest way of getting to France.

The Dover to Calais route is the most popular of all. Dover to France ferries are operated by various companies and there are many connections every day. The trip is approximately ninety minutes.

Poferries.com, home to the major ferry company P&O Ferries, offers competitive prices with various special promotions and ticket options throughout the year. They operate as many as 46 crossings per day. Day trips to France cost as little as £25 for a return journey including all taxes and taking a car filled with passengers with you. Other options include one-way tickets for £25, allowing you to book a return trip whenever you want.

Norfolkline.com, now home to DFDS Sea Ways offers even cheaper ferry routes with many ferries running throughout the day. Dover to France ferries don't only go to Calais; they also go to Dunkirk, which is the case with DFDS Sea Ways. The crossing is approximately two hours and the price of a one-way ticket can be as little as £19 with the occasional special promotion of as little as £13. All rates include taxes.

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