Take a trip on the Dover ferry to France this year

Getting the Dover ferry to France is the total opposite of the hustle and bustle (and the stress!) of the airport that everyone associates with getting away. Instead it is calm and a stress free environment from the moment you step on board until you reach your destination. There is no worrying about the weight of your luggage, or trying to find a reputable car hire company on the other side of the water for when you get there - as you also have the option of bringing your own car with you.

Take for example, if you are looking for a last minute getaway before the end of the summer and hoping to miss the crowds. Departing Dover on 26th August at 6.40pm with P & O ferries, on the aptly named Pride of Calais (a high speed cruiser) you arrive into Calais just after 9pm. Returning to Dover at 6.35pm on 2nd September, the entire journey for two adults travelling with a car, comes in at the reasonable price of £78 - that works out at less than £20 per adult each way! Not bad for a weeks holiday without the stress and with the bonus of your own car. Suprisingly, this works out cheaper than if you were to travel without your vehicle - as that price works out at £118 instead!

Take a look online today at poferries.com to book yourself on the relaxing Dover ferry to France and save yourself the worry and hassle that the airport brings.

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