Dover ferries to France

Dover makes for an ideal place to cross to France from, as it is the closest port to France in Britain, with a crossing distance of just 21 miles. As you can imagine then the port is home to a lot of ferry traffic, with different companies vying for your business.

P&O is probably the biggest and most well known ferry company to operate out of Dover. They offer ferries between Dover and Calais in a crossing that takes around 90 minutes. At off-peak times they offer crossings from £25 each way, but at peak times it can easily be double that. You can book with them from their website at poferries.com.

Sea France also sails between Dover and Calais, and as with P&O crossings take around 90 minutes. They have crossings from £23 each way after 8pm and from £35 return midweek. At peak times though their prices are fairly similar to P&O. Onboard each ferry customers will find bars, restaurants, shops and kids play areas, and since the journey is only 90 minutes that should be more than enough to keep you entertained. You can book from seafrance.com.

The third and final ferry company to operate Dover ferries to France is DFDS Seaways, and unlike the other two this one doesn't go to Calais, instead travelling to Dunkirk. The journey to Dunkirk is marginally longer, but should still take less than 2 hours, and DFDS currently has the cheapest deals of the three, with crossings from £19 each way for a car plus four people. You can book a Ferry with them from norfolkline.com.

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