Where to Find Dorset Holiday Cottages

Dorset holiday cottages

There is a lot to enjoy in Dorset, which is famous for both its natural and man-made attractions. Those who love to explore new places on foot are sure to have a fun time climbing the cliff tops of Old Harry Rocks then strolling on the fields of Corfe Castle in order to enjoy cream tea like nobles in the old days. To make your stay even more pleasant, consider living the life of locals by renting out any of the area’s best Dorset holiday cottages.

Enjoy Modern Simplicity at Bramley Garden Cottage

CottageGuide.co.uk offers the Charmouth-based Bramley Garden Cottage, which is perfect for couples hoping to enjoy the tranquil beauty of Dorset’s outdoors while experiencing a modern yet simple lifestyle with their choice of accommodations. The cottage offers a double bedroom, a shower room with its own walk-in double cubicles, and a living area made more magnificent by its vaulted ceilings, glazed doors and views of the sea. Weekly bookings start at £375.

The Loft Offers 4-Star Rural Pleasures

If you are looking for Dorset holiday cottages that offer the best of the countryside, visit dhcottages.co.uk, which offers their 4-star accommodation called The Loft. It is perfect for a couple with their newborn or only child (age restrictions require the child to be no more than 2 years old). The cottage boasts of a fully equipped kitchen and living area, another private area for BBQ parties, and a garden furnished with seats and other decor. Weekly rates begin at £285.

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