A guide to Dorset cottage holidays

Self-Catering holiday cottages in DorsetOne of the best ways to keep your holiday budget to a minimum is to go self-catering. At www.dorsetcoastalcottages.com they have over 200 Dorset cottage holidays to choose from, all of which come with the option for self-catering. Their cottages are available all year round and are offered for rent for both short breaks and longer stays.

All their cottages, moreover, are traditionally designed with thatched roofs, beautiful gardens and welcoming open fires. Set in stunning coastal villages, whichever one you choose your Dorset cottage is sure not to be too far from the area's gorgeous coastlines.  Dorset cottages with poolWhile a beautiful, self-catering cottage may well be the perfect setting for your special Dorset getaway, the addition of a swimming pool might just make things that little more perfect. Indeed, if you are planning a family holiday, a swimming pool could be the making of it.At www.historic-uk.com, not only do they offer a wide range of holiday accomodation in Dorset -- from cosy cottages to historic castles -- but the majority of them will come complete with your own private pool.Pet-friendly cottages in Dorset There can be no doubting the truth of the old phrase 'England is a nation of animal lovers'. However, when it comes to holidaying, many dotting pet owners are forced to leave their pets behind. At petfriendlyrentals.co.uk, however, you now have every chance of finding that perfect holiday home that allows you to take your much loved animal with you.This useful website has taken great care to ensure that all the accommodation available here are happy to cater for just about every pet owner, be their prized animal a dog, a cat or even in many cases a horse.

This means that finding those ideal Dorset cottage holidays for both you, all the family and your special pet will be a simple stress free task.

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