Don't wash, head to Newgrange or Stonehenge

In the midst of worldwide recession, the breakdown of capitalism and the failure of Jedward to win the X Factor, there is one thing you can always rely on: Druids at Stonehenge.

The druids are taking over again, well at least for a few days around Christmas - or as it is known to the unwashed initiates, The Winter Solstice. Which has technically passed, but the pagans of yore, in their wisdom, decided that one day was nowhere near enough to celebrate the end of the year....

The solstice goes on for several days either side of the 25th Dec, so revellers have a chance to let the magic mushrooms and hokey pagan energies take effect. Rave on.

If you're on the Irish side of the water then take yourself up to Newgrange for the pagan celebrations. The Irish pagans naturally threw a bigger and better party than their duller neighbours, who were busy inventing imperialism! There's an excess of swirly things and nearby woods within which to frolic.

Newgrange, and the sister sites of Knowth and Dowth are to be found in the Boyne Valley about an hour's drive north of Dublin. They are well worth the visit.

Remember kids, practice paganism safely!

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