Don’t pay through the nose for airport parking.

Turn up on spec at Heathrow Airport and you can end up paying well over £200 for long-stay parking for a couple of weeks. So if you don’t want to spend more on parking your car than you’ve spent on your flight, remember that booking ahead can more than halve the fee, reports the Daily Mail.

Airports operator BAA (www.baa.com) quoted £87 to pre-book two weeks' parking high season in Heathrow's Long Stay Terminal 5 car park. And if you’re feeling healthy and are the decisive type, their nonrefundable, non-amendable 'SuperSaver' deals at Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Gatwick airports ensure further savings. At Heathrow this meant a further £10 off the total price, but at Stansted's Long Stay car park, the SuperSaver offer for two weeks parking was nearly £38 less than the standard pre-booked rate.

Alternatively use a nearby off-site car park. For example, booking two weeks high-season parking at Manchester Airport's cheapest on-airport car park would cost £55.99, whereas First Response Parking car park, only just off the airport would charge £40. Admittedly transfer times between car park and airport may be longer, but you make a saving of nearly 30%.

Why not use the airport parking price comparison website, www.gosimply.com, which also includes customer reviews on the state of airport car parks and the service they offer along with info on valet parking services, and pay less?

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