Don’t miss the British Airways sale!

If you’re tired of no frills service, and squeezing into a seat means having your knees virtually tucked under your chin, you’ll be happy to know that lastminute.com (www.lastminute.com) is advertising a British Airways sale. Enjoy being spoilt with excellent in-flight service and comfort for prices similar to those of the budget airlines.

For example, fly to Boston return from Heathrow between the 24th of October and the 31st of December for just £360, or from Manchester to New York and back during the same period for just £373. Or if you’ve been thinking of a trip to Dubai, you can fly from Heathrow between the 1st of September and the 9th of December from just £417 return.

Planning ahead for next year? You can fly to Singapore from London Heathrow return between the 16th of January 2012 and the 31st of March from £669. And if you have family down under or are simply wowed by Sydney Opera House and the city’s harbour and bridge, you can get a flight there from Heathrow between the 18th of October and the 30th of November 2011 from £979 return.

Prices quoted are for weekday flights: weekend supplements apply. Fares are valid until the 20th of September 2011, but book now to avoid disappointment.

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