Don't get Sydney Trapped

Yes, the party never stops down The Cross, and slumming it in Hyde Park on a Sunday while local DJs ooze out drum n bass in the sunshine is the best hangover cure ever, but, and don't be frightened by this: there is Life after Sydney.

It's hard finding pads that matched the 2-up 2-downs on the Glebe Road - which has to be one of the contenders for world's best bookshop and cafe street, and Boxing Day on Manly Beach at 32º will melt any Christmas Grinch, but a cool drive up the coast to the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland gives over to a world of no backpackers, sweet beaches and camping a la chill chill.

Imagine super-fine, white silica sand surrounded by warm, clear, azure waters sandwiched between tropical forest with various islands dotted around in the distance. Just make sure you come for longer than a day as once the day cruisers have left you can walk around here or curl up under the shade of the forest and feel like you have this uninhabited piece of paradise all to yourself.

Camping is the best option - Whitehaven beach is a good spot, just grab your permit from Airlie Beach town on the mainland.

Oh, don't feed the dingos!!!

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