Don’t drink the Fosters in Oz

'It must be Australian since Paul Hogan drinks it.' That's exactly what Fosters are hoping you’ll believe, but seriously, it makes Budweiser taste like it’s been brewed with a 600 year old secret recipe by drunken monks in a Belgian hideaway. The same goes for Castelmaine XXXX. If you're heading Ozward this summer (our winter) then you’ll need to know your bars.

Best of all is make like a kangaroo, skip Sydney and head straight for Melbourne which is the coolest of Aussie cities, you can tell by the exciting haircuts and wife-beater vests. 'The Order of Melbourne' pub is a refreshing escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Recline in a leather booth and take in the room: warehouse-y yet somehow elegant with it.

For a touch of Euro culture at its best try a heady brew at the 'Belgian Beer Bar Eureka', the unofficial embassy of Belgium, which promotes Belgian culture, beer and cuisine in an authentically Belgian environment - can you take all that Belgium?

Once the wee hours hit, then it’s straight to the ‘Love Machine’ to see if you can pull. If you insist on heading Sydneyward, however, hit the ‘Cross’ for all sorts of fun and frolics. Just don’t go any further North than Sydney – it gets scarier and scarier.....

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