Don’t be stumped in Melbourne when the Ashes’ action stops. Here’s what you can do, and it's all free.

With the latest Ashes Test in full swing in Melbourne, we’ve searched the web and found three things of interest to do in Victoria’s capital, from a list in the Daily Telegraph , when you can drag yourself away from the action. And the good news is they’re free.

Jump on a tram. Not only is it fun but the City Circle line is free and runs past some of Melbourne's best attractions, such as the Docklands, Federation Square, Parliament House, the Princess Theatre and Queen Victoria Market. You can jump off at any of the destinations en route, then hop back on and visit the next interesting site. Even better, there’s an interesting recorded narration that plays between stops, explaining exactly what you are passing.

Make sure you jump off at Queen Victoria Market. It’s the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere, with over 600 traders offering their wares. More than just a market, it’s also a venue filled with street performers, healthy delis, cafés and children’s rides. On Sunday the food and vegetable stalls are replaced with clothing and specialist stalls where you’re sure to find unusual gifts.

And don’t don’t forget to go for a stroll around the three-mile perimeter of Albert Park Lake, where you can see hundreds of black swans and numerous exotic water birds including pelicans, cormorants and herons. The 225-hectare parkland is just two miles from the city centre and has great views of Melbourne’s skyline.

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