Don’t be a couch potato this weekend; there’s too much going on!

If you’re mooching around wondering what to do this weekend, never fear. Lastminute.com has a number of suggestions that will tempt you out of your lethargy. Rather than leaving you to trawl their endless list of bargain hotels, shows and weekend deals, they’ve saved your precious time by selecting the best hotel weekend deals, great London theatre shows, and, if you want a London Hotel and a theatre show all packaged together, read on!

For example, hop on a train or a plane and spend the weekend in the four-star Holiday Inn Hotel in Edinburgh from just £53.22 per room per night. If you don’t feel like moving from the capital, you can save £27 by booking a ticket for Legally Blonde at the Savoy on the Lastminute.com website, where you will pay from just £28.50. You can also book a dinner and theatre deal and save even more.

And you can enjoy a theatre break with a little spine chilling noir, at a performance of the Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre, Russell Street without the need to rush home. You can book tickets plus a top London hotel from just £76.50 and relax in the capital in style.

So get on line now for your last minute weekend deal. There are plenty to choose from!

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