Donabate Travel Draws the Golfers

Donabate travel

The small peninsula of Donabate brings golfers from all over to enjoy beautiful weather and golf. New and experienced golfers can all find the right course with as many as six different golf courses just two miles from the Donabate village.

Golf Courses

The laid-back community of Donabate is the perfect place for golfing holidays. The island enjoys the reputation of ranking in the top 20 golf courses throughout all of Ireland.

Golf courses include The Island Golf Club, Beaverstown Golf Club, the Turvey Golf and Country Club and Donabate Golf Club. Add the Corballis Links Golf Club and the Balcarrick Golf Club to your list as well.


Donabate Lodge

The Donabate Lodge provides bed and breakfast lodging with en-suite rooms including tea and coffee facilities. The guest house is centrally located within walking distance to pubs and restaurants, as well as the Donabate train station. Additional details are found at http://www.donabatelodge.com/.

Waterside Hotel

The Waterside House Hotel is a family run operation and comes complete with beach front property. The hotel offers dining on an outdoor terrace, beaches, swimming and nearby golf. Reservations are available at http://www.dublintourist.com/details/waterside_hotel.shtml.


Visitors can enjoy dining at the Pasta Castello restaurant, which offers tasty meals of mussel pescatore and deep fried calamari. Chungs is another fine restaurant that serves yummy dishes of sea bass, kung po beef and fried scallops.

With comfortable accommodations, restaurants and golf, you can easily see why Donabate travel draws golfers for relaxing holidays.

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