Dominican Republic Holidays on Spectacular Saona Island

On the southeast tip of the Dominican Republic sits a paradise where tempting turquoise waters lure tourists to Dominican Republic holidays. But travellers aren’t the only ones captivated by Saona Island. Filmmakers and advertisers flock here for the “deserted island” appeal found in works such as the famous Bounty chocolate bar advertisements.

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Saona was so named by Christopher Columbus when he discovered it in 1494. The name was derived from Savona, the community where Columbus lived for a time. Saona measures 110 square kilometres, the largest offshore island in the country. It is considered part of the National Park of the East, which is home to the endangered West Indian manatee and bottlenose dolphins.

Rich wildlife and a stunning sandbar are among Saona Island’s attractions. Tourists go snorkelling in the clear, waist-deep waters and marvel at the land and underwater treasures, including varied bird species, indigenous starfish, and tropical marine life.

Travellers looking to relax can feel the ocean breeze while lying in hammocks by the beach, bask under the sun in the lounge chairs, or enjoy a soothing oil massage. The long, secluded stretch of fine white sand beaches is also ideal for peaceful walks.

Various sports are offered. Sand volleyball is a popular choice, usually played against the friendly locals.

Mouth-watering Caribbean dishes made of the freshest ingredients are another reason for a holiday in Saona Island. Indulge your taste buds in a buffet brimming with an array of meat, pasta, vegetable, salads, fruits and breads prepared in Creole fashion.

Of course, a Dominican Republic holiday wouldn’t be complete without a night of music and dancing. Groove to the jovial Merengue beat under the Caribbean night sky, with soothing sounds of the waves in the background.

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