Doing a King Kong in New York

After visiting all those whiskey bars down in the Meat Packing District in New York and then pancake stacks with maple syrup at the International House of Pancakes you might want to give your body a break with a healthy activity.

One thing you could do is go roaming the streets and try not to look like a tourist and find a local NY crazy to chat to.

Or, if you want to really meet the locals and literally get to grips with New York, head down to Central Park and join in a bouldering session on Umpire Rock, or as it’s known to climbers, Rat Rock, just west of the park’s Heckscher Playground.

As a well-known meeting place for the city’s rock-climbing crowd, you can just turn up and join in, or check out the website, climbnyc.com which has a list of places across the city where you can practise your moves, plus details of events and classes.

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