Doin' the do in Dublin

Yes, Dublin is an expensive town. Yes, the Irish Government, in its divine wisdom, put the kyebosh on late opening, so that several hundred thousand drunken revellers all pour onto the streets at 2am at the same time – all looking for that same kebab. But yes, there is still a feckin’ brilliant time to be had in Da Dubalin Town, and you’ll be looking for somewhere to crash after your morning’s, afternoon’s and night’s hooleying.

A good and affordable bet is the Bewley’s Chain of Hotels with the pick of locations. For our money the best is the Ballsbridge location– which gives you a 5 minute stroll to Sandymount Strand for a breezy hangover-curing stroll. They’ve also got several city centre locations.

For something a bit more swizz – it’s got to be The Morgan in Temple Bar;< minimalist rooms done out it white, subtle lighting, a cocktail bar to get you started and a very passable, informal tapas bar – and we know good tapas.

And of course, Temple Bar is the tourist heart of it all – which is where you want to start any night out. Fret not about the noise - the Morgan has it all taken care off. Sleep well

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