The three best dog walking holidays in Scotland

For anyone who loves dogs, the pleasures of looking for dog walking holidays in Scotland or elsewhere, should be immediately obvious. The bond shared between an owner and his or her dog is a powerful and vitalising thing, and to share an adventure with your pet is a thrilling and fulfilling experience for both of you.

Where better to look for dog walking holidays than Scotland, that most mysterious and enchanting of natural environments, complete with vast territories of open land and hills for you and your dog to explore?

Here we have researched the three best places to visit for holidaymakers travelling with their dogs. There is one option listed for three types of holiday respectively: hotel, self-catering, and camping.

  1. The Cross Keys Hotel in New Galloway. This small and quaint hotel provides a very comfortable and personalised service for its guests, and is ideally located amidst forests, lochs, rivers, vast expanses of countryside to explore. Its location also allows easy access to the Solway coast, which would be a great day out for you and your dog. Prices start from £35 per person, including breakfast, but there is a £10 supplement if you bring your dog. Check the hotel's website at thecrosskeys-newgalloway.co.uk for more details.
  2. Appin House Lodges in Appin. The owners of Appin House have constructed two dog-friendly lodges (each with three bedrooms) at the end of their large territory. Again, the accommodations is surrounded by outstanding natural beauty and lots of territory ideal for trekking and adventures. Prices range from £290 per week to £495 per week depending on the season, and there is a £10 supplement per dog. Booking information can be found at appinhouse.co.uk/booking.
  3. Badrallach Camping, which can accommodate 12 tents per night, is an excellent campsite listed among Britain's best by both the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. You and your dog will be free to roam the nearby beaches and hills, and are sure to find something to do regardless of the weather. Adults are charged £4 per night and children £2.50, and dogs must be kept on their leads at all times on the campsite. Check out the website at badrallach.com.

To discover alternative dog walking holidays in Scotland, visit the websites petholidays.com and dogsinvited.co.uk, both of which allow you to search for dog-friendly holidays in the locations of your choice.

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