Dog Passport process in the UK

If leaving your dog in a kennel while you are on holidays doesn’t sound ideal, consider taking your furry friend with you on the journey. Here are a few tips and considerations though that should be looked at before booking the flight for you and your buddy including that all important dog passport.

    Bev Sykes - Wikimedia

Similar to us, dogs need to have a passport when travelling. This blue booklet can be issued from the local veterinarian as long as they reside within the EU. The information inside the passport should include the dog’s medical history and basic information on their microchip or tattoo number. The officially approved veterinary surgeon will also need to sign this to make it all official.

Acquiring a dog passport should be planned in advance as it takes time for it to be issued. Your dog must first be microchipped before receiving a rabies vaccination. Once they have the vaccination in order, they need to wait 21 days before they are cleared to travel. All of this needs to be taken into account when booking flights in order to avoid disappointment.

In addition to the rabies vaccination, one of the requirements in the UK is that dogs receive tapeworm treatment between 1-5 day prior to arriving in the UK. The only exceptions to this are entry into Ireland or Britain from either Finland, Norway or Malta.

Thankfully a dog passport does not have an expiration date per se. Only when all the treatment spaces are full in the passport book will you need to purchase a new one. Until that happens, happy travelling to you and your dog!

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