Overview on Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

Are you going on Holidays to Cornwell but do not want to leave your dog behind? Maybe you are sick of paying for kennels or asking friends and family to watch over the pet. Why not try finding dog friendly holiday cottages in Cornwall. There are many options available. Here is a quick overview on what you should take into consideration when finding the right cottage for you and your pet.

The Plan

Finding dog friendly holiday cottages in Cornwall is really quite easy. Many ofthe Cornish traditional cottages that are popular in Cornwall offer this service.

This may be a great opportunity to give your dog a new experience. With all the beaches and inland paths that are there to explore, they are sure to make the most of the new smells.

This area is full of beaches, but during the peak seaons, some of these beaches may not allow dogs. Make sure to check the beach availability during the time you want to go.

One of the great things about Cornwell is that many of the pubs and attractions in the area are dog friendly. Having said that, it is still necessary to ask for permission first.

There are a few things to consider before booking the cottage. Inquire and see if there is an extra fee for having a pet and if so, how much. Some places may not allow more than one pet if you are thinking about bringing more than one. You should also have a good idea of how your dog travels. Car journeys can beoverwhelming for some pets.

Remember to pack for the dog as well. Some basic essentials are the dog bedding, food and drink bowls, a towel for when they come back from their swim, and whatever other toys they enjoy playing with.

It may be stressful to some dogs if they are left at the cottage alone. In a familiar home they may be fine, but when put in a strange setting and some dogs may become distressed. Also before you pack up and leave, be sure to pick up the poop in the yard. It is the owners' responsibility, not the cleaners

Book Away

With so many dog friendly holiday cottages in Cornwall to choose from, booking a place should not be difficult. With a bit of research on fees, beach restrictions, and other requirements, you should easily be set up for your Holiday away with your furry friend. Enjoy exploring the beaches and walks in Cornwall.

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