Your options for dog friendly cottages in Dorset

Are you thinking of indulging yourself with a relaxing cottage holiday and you want to bring your four legged friend along with you? More and more providers are starting to offer dog friendly options on their lodgings, and in this blog we are eager to help you out as we check out where to find dog friendly cottages in Dorset.

Unfortunately for people looking to get a holiday rental, a lot of companies and owneers simply won't entertain the idea of allowing pets to be brought along. In our view this is a rather silly move, as it prevents a lot of potential customers from renting. You do have options, though, and perhaps the best of them is to check out Doggy Cottages at www.doggycottages.co.uk/. Doggy Cottages is the perfect site for your needs as it lists all of the pet friendly rential cottages around the UK. Simply select Dorset as where you want to stay and check out the comprehensive list of properties that pops up.

For another site that offers a similar service we suggest checking out Pet Friendly Rentals at www.petfriendlyrentals.co.uk/. Again, all you need to do is select Dorset from the drop down list to check out the full range of properties available to you. They also list prices on the site, making things even more transparent for you before you book. Right now, they claim to have around 100 different poperties in the Dorset area that fit your selection criteria, so they are well worth a look.

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