Take your pets with you with dog friendly caravan hire.

Most family holidays do not involve what can be a highly valued member of the family, the dog. Many holidays, especially ones where you will be flying, mean that you need to get a sitter for the pets or send them to the kennels for the duration of your trip. This can be another addition to the holiday expenses and you may be worrying about the welfare of your dog during your holiday. With dog friendly caravan hire you can dismiss all these worries.

If you have your own caravan you may think that taking your dog along won’t be a problem but many caravan sites do no cater for dogs. Checking on www.dogfriendlybritain.co.uk is a great way to explore dog friendly caravan hire opportunities. They show a range of caravan holiday sites suitable for dogs. This will give you the opportunity to get your dog out of the city and take it for long walks along many trails through the wilderness or even on the beach. The website shows caravan sites across the country, especially ones in Scotland. They also let you know the number of dogs each family is allowed to take with them so it’s worth checking these details before you end up taking a pack of dogs on holiday.

www.hiremycaravan.com is another site that offers a range of areas that are suitable for dogs. They have a page that shows at least 10 caravan rental areas that cater especially to dogs. One of the rentals claims that there is a small charge for bringing dogs but this would still be cheaper than leaving them in the kennels. They also say that the dogs should be well behaved as is the case with most caravan hires as these opportunities would not exist if owners were to take in aggressive dogs.

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