Dog Friendly Beach Holidays in the UK

While taking a beach holiday may sound like a great idea, taking a beach holiday with your dog is an even better one! Here is a short list of places to stay that are dog friendly and near the beach to keep both you and your four legged friend happy.

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Holiday cottages are a great way to have a home away from home. Norfolk Country Cottages have a wide selection of places near the beach that make for an ideal getaway. If you are looking for a cozy place with the beach literally at your doorstep, Beach Hut 82 on the North Norfolk Coast is the place to book into.

If you need more space, check out the bungalow Seashells in Walcott, East Norfolk Coast. This is located on a cliff top with Walcott Beach only a 5 minute walk away. In the evenings you and your pet can relax in the Seaside garden. Make sure to check any seasonal restrictions for your pet during peak season.

For those of you that enjoy a more rustic holiday there are many campgrounds near beaches. Only a mile from Northumberland Heritage Coast, Dunstan Hill is a pet friendly campground with your choice of grass pitches or hardstand. There is a woodland walk nearby for your pet to explore as well as the beach only 5 minutes away

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If you want a camping site even closer to the beach and a little less rustic, stay at Norman’s Bay on the East Sussex Coast where the sand and shingle beach is across the road. There is plenty of space for your dog to run around in and stretch its legs.

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