Are you wondering does Ryanair fly to Cyprus?

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Are you wondering does Ryanair fly to Cyprus? Here’s everything you need to know.

Ryanair does operate flights to Cyprus. At the moment however, they only operate flights to Larnaca International Airport which is located a mere 4km from the city of Larnaca. Larnaca is a beautiful city on the southern coast of Cyprus.

On April 11th 2011 Ryanair announced that they are planning to commence flights to Paphos airport later this year. They will begin the operation of weekly flights to Paphos in October 2011. Paphos, the capital of the Paphos district, is a city in the southwest of Cyprus. This looks set to be an extremely popular flight choice as it is a region with a great climate, with temperatures reaching 30.4 degrees in August. This region also has deep cultural and historical roots.

Ryanair only offer flights within the south of Cyprus as it is more popular with tourists. The south of the island is Greek and the north of the island is Turkish. However, because it is a small island you can easily and quickly travel from one area to the next. Visit cyprusholidayadvisor.com to learn everything you need to know about travelling between the north-south borders.

If you can’t find a Ryanair flight to suit your needs why not check out edreams.com. It is a comparison website for airline flights which is sure to find a flight to suit you. You could also try cyprusair.com.

So, does Ryanair fly to Cyprus? Yes it does!

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