Do you sleep badly away from home? Try the Crowne Plaza Hotel’s special sleep advantage programme.

If you’re tense from work or just generally a bad sleeper, why not treat yourself to a decent night’s sleep with the Crowne Plaza SleepAdvantage™ programme? They bring together five elements which should help you drop off without resorting to counting sheep.

Selected hotels in the chain have designated Quiet Zones from Sunday to Thursday nights from 9pm to 10am. Room attendants keep a low profile unless specifically requested. Secondly, luxurious bedding, including a body hugging duvet and a super soft mattress-topper are provided. Thirdly, 2 exclusive aromatherapy products are provided to help you wind down and breathe easily. Fourthly, your wakeup call is guaranteed, if not your night’s stay is free. And finally you are provided with a series of podcasts by a leading sleep expert to listen to while in your room.

Why not try the sleep advantage programme in the five-star waterside Crowne Plaza The City (http://www.crowneplaza.com/), just a few minutes from the ExCel Exhibition Centre, Canary Wharf and London City Airport? There’s a gym, a pool with Jacuzzi, a eucalyptus-enhanced steam room, saunas and beauty treatments to help you relax.

And don’t forget, all guests can get in the right mood for sleep by enjoying a great dinner in the Refettorio restaurant prepared by the hotel’s Michelin starred chef. Enjoy!

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