Do the wild thing this year

Up In North Yorkshire, there’s an off-grid site on the North York Moors packed with an eclectic mix of vintage caravans and decorated with miscellany from years spent trawling car-boot sales and charity shops. Meanwhile, the owners' other life, a plush hotel slap bang in the centre of Whitby, shows what you can do if you put your mind to recycling – 90% of fixtures and fittings are secondhand.

Meet the wombles of Whitby! LaRosaCamping, Campsite from £26-£28pp.

Or if you’re feeling really woolly and need to get back to some primordial state that involves speaking Gaelic, nudity and muck-savaging, then head west to Connemara, Ireland. At Cnoc Suain, in the wilds of Connemara there is a lesson in Irish tradition: a place to learn Gaelic language, music, song and dance in restored stone cottages that tap into geo-thermal energy for the heating. The owners contribute to a sustainable fund, Cothú ('nurture'), promoting environmental and cultural projects.

Sounds primordially YAWP worthy. CnocSuain, two-night Gaelic language course, €295pp.

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