Looking for Disneyland Paris packages including flights?

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Taken from the success of the American parks, Eurodisney is a theme park run by Mickey and friends based close to Paris in France. Disneyland Paris packages including flights are available all year round.

Disneyland Paris as it is also known comprises two theme parks, a retail, dining and entertainment district and seven Disney owned hotels. It was the second Disney resort to be opened outside of the USA and is one of Europe’s leading holiday destinations. As you may imagine, package deals to Disneyland Paris are perennially popular and as a result there are often special deals offered by the tour companies. It is well worth keeping an eye out for these deals as they will often let you stay for an extra night free or eat out for no extra cost.

Hotels and either flights or train travel are included in the package deals and there is often the option to add at least one meal per day to the offer. If you live in the South East of England you may find that it is cheaper to travel by train to Paris than to fly. Good places to start your search are the Disneyland Paris website or websites such as Expedia and lastminute.

The big travel agents suchas Thomas Cook also offer Disneyland Paris packages including flights. Price comparison websites can also be invaluable when looking for the best deal for your holiday. Main holiday periods are extremely popular times to travel as you may imagine so book well in advance. If you are looking for Disneyland Paris packages including flights, you may therefore want to consider travelling outside of the peak holiday seasons to pick up the best deals. Although packages are available all year round, Disneyland Paris packages including flights are extremely popular and sell out fast during the school holidays.

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