Want to find out about Disneyland Paris packages from Ireland including flights?

Booking Disneyland Paris packages from Ireland including flights can make you the best parents in the world overnight.  You will be just as excited as your kids though and none of your family will be dissapointed when you arrive at this magical wonderland.

Mickey, Minnie, Pooh and Pinocchio plus all your other favourite Disney characters reside here at the largest theme park in Europe.  The architecture is amazing and includes the world's most impressive Disney castle. If you are felling a little sleepy then be sure to check out Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Package trips are available on expedia.com and start from €330 per person for a weekend trip.  This includes flights from Dublin to Paris and hotel but not park tickets which you will have to purchase at the gate or book in advance online at disneylandparis.com.  A lot of visitors purchase park-hopper tickets as these allow you to visit both the theme park and the Walt Disney Studio park which is located right next door.

Abbeytravel.ie have special deals offering a free night for every night booked and this can be combined with their other great offer - kids go free.  Be sure to check out their website to find out more and they are very quick at responding to any enquiries you may have.

Breakaway.ie are offering park tickets and hotel for a weekend in Paris.  These are priced at around €1000 for 2 adults and 2 kids for a hotel room and 3-day park tickets but do not include flights.  This deal is definitely a runner should you decide to book your own flights.  As always amazing flight deals can be found at ryanair.com.ie if you book ahead of time.

Disneyland Paris packages from Ireland including flights can be difficult to find and a little on the expensive side but if you are willing and have the time to tailor your own trip then you can save money.  Finding flights/hotel combos or hotel/park ticket combos is best and by booking either the flights or park tickets yourself you will ensure you get a great deal.

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