Disneyland Paris Christmas 2014 packages

Have your children been begging you to go to Disneyland Paris? If you really want to make Christmas 2014 an unforgettable experience for them, plan a trip to Disney's Enchanted Christmas this year and explore a magical world where all their favorite movie characters come to life. To help with the planning, we will run through a few different types of packages that are available to make your trip smoother and hassle free.

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Like all packaged holidays, the price will depend on things such as what dates you travel, the length of your stay, how many children and adults are going and what type of package you are looking for. Sometimes it may work out cheaper to find your own hotel that is close to the park and then try and get discounted tickets or theme park packages independent of accommodation.

One option would be to go with Harry Shaw Coach Holidays who have a package for around £189.95 for mid-November but then will most likely go up by £10 closer to the Christmas season to make a round £200. It includes return coach travel and Channel crossing by ferry or Eurotunnel. Once you arrive in Paris, you will unpack at Disney's Hotel Santa Fe where you will be staying for 3 nights and receive a complimentary continental breakfast each morning. When you are ready to head to explore you will be able to avail of a 2 day hopper ticket that gives you unlimited access to the park and studios.

Disneyland Paris Direct is another company that might be worth looking into. They give you the option of booking a full package that includes room and board, park passes and other goodies. If you are sorted for accommodation already though and are just looking for Theme Park Tickets, Disneyland Paris Direct often have discounts on passes for up to 5 days. Keep tabs on their website and see if any good deals come up.

Thomas Cook also offer Disneyland Packages that could fit your needs this Christmas. Depending on the length of your stay, you may be eligible for a discount as well. For example, if you were to stay at one of the 3-5 star Disneyland Hotels for 3 nights or more, you can avail of a 20%discount with a free half-board meal plan. All Thomas Cook packages include breakfast, day passes for the park and many include meals as well depending on whether you want them or not.

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