Discover Natural Wonders on Jamaica Holidays

There’s no stopping reggae’s festive beat and the infectious energy of ragamuffin music on the island nation of Jamaica. Labyrinthine limestone caves, gushing waterfalls, and picturesque beaches are just some of the things to look forward to on Jamaica holidays.

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Spice up Jamaica holidays with a visit to the Martha Brae, Jamaica’s legendary river and premiere rafting attraction. Sail with a skilled captain on a bamboo raft through five kilometres of breathtaking and tranquil scenes. The one-hour-and-fifteen-minute tour is made even more memorable with a complimentary rum punch or fruit drink. According to legends, the Martha Brae, originally known as the River Matibereon, was once the home of an old Arawak witch who hoarded gold. Spanish colonisers seized her to get the gold, and she led them to a cave and disappeared. The frightened Spaniards tried to flee from the cave, but were engulfed by the river. The course of the river was then changed forever by the witch.

Witness a spectacle when night falls at the Luminous Lagoon, a natural Jamaican wonder. Located at the point where the Martha Brae meets the Caribbean Sea, the lagoon is home to millions of dinoflagellates, tiny aquatic creatures. See the lagoon glisten as the microorganisms produce a captivating glow, turning the water into an enchanting wonderland. The faint blaze allows tourists to see outlines of everything under the water. Explorers can dive in and swim in the “magical” waters.

The Blue Lagoon is another must-see on Jamaica holidays. Port Antonio’s most famous attraction, the lagoon is 54 metres deep, and originates from a freshwater spring. Located in its premises is a restaurant serving spicy grilled lobster and Blue Lagoon cocktail. The lagoon’s colour changes as the sun passes through the Jamaican sky, a truly mesmerising scene on Jamaica holidays.

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