Discover lost cities & hidden treasures

Whether you've always fancied yourself as an Indiana Jones explorer, bull-whip in hand, searching through some lush, exotic rainforest in search of gold or Lara Croft, exploring some long-lost temple to uncover mysterious artifacts, our guide is for you!

Palenque, Mexico

Surrounded by dense jungle, this astonishing archaeological settlement has its roots deep in Mayan myth and legend. Based in the north of the country, intrepid explorers can discover some delicate but incredible Maya architecture and bas-relief carvings adorning surfaces at every turn. Take time to visit the large and unmissable pyramid crypt of Pakal, the disfigured king who ruled the land from 615 to 683AD.

Petra, Jordan

Instantly recognisable to fans of Indiana Jones everywhere, this sturdy monument is carved out of solid rock and is accessible through a cleft in Jordan's vast mountainside. Sunrise hitting the architecture, and notably the two thousand year old treasury building, creates a breath-taking display of pink effervescence, giving Petra the monica 'Rose Red City'.


Maybe not as well known as the country's ancient Machu Picchu site based in the North of Peru, this historic stone site has only been open to visitors for a short time, as archaeologists have been unearthing more and more Incan artifacts. Built around the 9th century, the area boasts a number of circular buildings that served as castles, tombs and watch-towers - you can almost see the hubbub and goings-on of an ancient Incan civilisation here.

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