Discover Greece's charm in Rhodes Island

A famous tourist attraction in Greece, Rhodes Island is an ideal getaway for people who’d like to enjoy a mix of history, nature, and nightlife.

For culture vultures, charming towns and villages await; stroll through Rhodes Town, the capital of the island of Rhodes, and see the Old City that’s dotted with historical fortresses, all of which reflect the island’s past, from antiquity up to the time of the Turkish rule. Travel back in time as you explore the Palace of the Grand Masters, the refuge of the Knights of Rhodes, which was rebuilt in 1912 as a holiday residence for Victor Emmanuel III and Benito Mussolini; see also the hospital of the knights and the inns where they stayed. Walk around a little farther and discover the Gothic churches, Byzantine churches, mosques, the Palace of the Castellan, Rhodian houses, and mansions with a trace of Venetian and Arab architecture. Other villages to explore are Falikari, Italysos, and Lindos.

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After soaking up history and culture on your Greece holiday, take in stunning views of the beaches. Traganou beach is perfect for beach bums who are willing to rough it out a little and enjoy a virgin paradise. Delight in its deep blue waters and pebbled shores, and then bask under the sun on a sun bed with its matching umbrella. If you want a beach with more amenities, head to Falikari beach, which has golden sands and crystal blue waters. Lots of services await you in this “most organised Rhodes beach,” such as water sports, bars and restaurants, and taverns.

Looking for a place to party? Then sashay to the partying district in Rhodes, which is home to loads of trendy bars and clubs. Enjoy a wild time in the famous clubs such as Amazone, Loft, and Laser; if the party gets too hot, gulp down some cold drinks!

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