Discounted hotel stays in the UK and abroad

Octopus Travel has just announced that there are only four days left until its huge ‘End of Summer Sale’ must end. But you still have until midnight on the 7th of October to save up to 40% on 2011 hotel stays, so why not get on line and take a look at what’s available?

There are still thousands of discounted hotels on offer both in the UK and in Europe, with all said accommodation rated to a minimum three-star standard and Tripadvisor rating three, so you’re sure of a good value deal.

Stay in Dublin from £42 per night at a saving of £18, or in Barcelona from £43, down from £67. You can get a hotel in Amsterdam from £42, down from £60 and a hotel in cool Tallinn from just £25. You’d be hard pushed to get a better deal!

This offer is available exclusively on loyalty.octopustravel.co.uk for select hotels in selected destinations for travel between now and the 31st of December 2011. The offer must end in four days time so book now to avoid disappointment.

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