Discount cruises for 2011

Discount Cruises in 2011 have just become a reality. As soon as we hit spring all of the great discount deals on cruises suddenly surface. They have lots to offer so let's have a look at a few different types of discount cruise packages.

The first great cruise that should be up for consideration has to be the Bahamas Cruise. This is a cruise that starts in New York City and stops off in Port Canaveral, Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau. This is a great way to see the Bahamas and it is a fantastic way to spend your summer holidays. The cruise is five days in total on board the Norwegian Jewel.

The next cruise to watch out for starts in Athens. This is a two week cruise where you will visit Turkey, Israel, Greece and many other great destinations. This is the type of cruise where you will take in a lot of history. You will see some of the most famous ancient structures and statues the world has to offer. It is truly spectacular.

Last but definitely not least has to be the Alaskan cruise. This is an amazing cruise that goes from The States to Alaska and Alaska to British Colombia. This is another stunning five-day cruise where you can experience a summer in Alaska. Sounds cold but there really is no better time to see Alaska and BC. If you really want to experience something different this year, the Alaskan cruise is ideal.

The summer is ideal cruising time and thankfully discount cruises in 2011 are no longer a worry. There are lots available so be sure to get online and see what's on offer. Happy cruising!

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