Fly from Glasgow with Direct Holidays Scotland packages to Crete

Those summer sun holidays are so much easier if you can fly from your local airport. That has been the thinking behind Direct Holidays Scotland which has been offering convenient packages to Scottish customers since 1992.

Direct (www.directholidays.co.uk) deals with all aspects of your holiday from booking to breakfast buffets, so you don't have to go through travel agents and tour operators if you have a problem. This approach of cutting out the middlemen also allows for very competitively-priced holidays.

One of the most popular Greek island destinations in the Direct brochure is Crete. Direct has a wide range of flights and accommodation packages. Even if you are making late bookings you can still find excellent deals, like a 7-night September stay in the self-catering Artemis apartments for £325 per person, flying from Glasgow.

Crete has been a popular holiday destination for about 4000 years, and its beaches are still magical. If you tire of the sea and sand, pay a visit to the bustling little town of Agios Nikolaos where the tavernas really hot up around 11pm.

The Voulismeni Lake in the centre of town is supposed to be bottomless, and connected by underground volcanic chambers to the nearby island of Santorini. Order a glass of wine and sit on the terrace watching the setting sun glint off its mysterious reflective surface.

Some of the Direct Holidays Scotland accommodation is situated in Crete's largest town, Heraklion. Take the opportunity to visit one of the world's most important archaeological sites, the Royal Palace of Knossos, arguably the birthplace of classical civilisation.  Find out more at www.heraklion-crete.org.

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